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  Tman_334: never mind i see when u posted that now
  Tman_334: save me one
  CobraMate-BC3K: Rainbow six siege beta codes went live yesterday. Rainbow beta opens sept. 24
  CobraMate-BC3K: ask bm Yuuuuuuuur
  Tman_334: yo how u get the app for the site ?
  x___siK_WiT__iT: Yurrrrrr
  CobraMate-BC3K: Yo yo prepare for that rainbow siege
  S3RIAL_KILLING45: wat up
  CobraMate-BC3K: 1G on Destiny
  x___siK_WiT__iT: 25-0
  x___siK_WiT__iT: 24-0
  x___siK_WiT__iT: you scaring everyone off
  Tman_334: smh nobody b on here
  CobraMate-BC3K: 21-0
  CobraMate-BC3K: Ikr good shit heard ya smaqed them
  G-Man516: 20-0 finally
  TheWizard OfLight: o seein if u were it wasnt lettin me logg
  x___siK_WiT__iT: not right now, wassup
  TheWizard OfLight: tragic are u playin right now?
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